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Jactitation of Marriage | Declaration of Jactitation of Marriage and Perpetual Silence

What is the Jactitation of Marriage Suit and How it is Constituted?

A juccitation of marriage is a falsely alleged marriage that is repeated over and over again. An injunction is sought on the topic of perpetual silence. There is only one case where a matrimonial suit can proceed from the outset without prima facie proof that there has been a marriage de facto. The purpose of the jactitation suit is to prove that there is no valid marriage.

Jactitation of Marriage refers to a lawsuit to declare that the defendant is not the plaintiff’s wife or husband. A decree of perpetual silence may be obtained in a lawsuit for jactitation of marriage if anyone persistently alleges marriage with the plaintiff. Such a petition may be presented only by the person who feels misrepresented.

Jactitation also refers to bragging, and public assertion, especially ostentatious and false, according to the twentieth-century dictionary. The act of pretending to be married to another person is called the jactitation of marriage.

Jactitation of Marriage

Legal Process For Jactitation of Marriage

The jactitation of marriage in Pakistan is usually associated with the wife. A third party could also deny marriage between spouses if either spouse asserted that. A third party action may also include an action brought by one of the spouses against the other or by the spouses against each other.

In Pakistan, the main purpose of a suit for jactitation of marriage is to perpetually silence a false allegation or claim brought forth by the defendant.

In an action for declaring that the defendant is not the husband or wife of the plaintiff if the plaintiff and defendant have been married.  In a suit for judication of marriage, the defendant claims to be the plaintiff’s wife or husband. Marriage can be declared null by filing a suit for judicial declaration. The defendant could be silenced by a civil court declaration if the plaintiff denies marriage.

Who can file for a Judicial Declaration of Jactitation of Marriage in Pakistan?

No matter who makes the false pretence, it does not matter who makes it. With the intervention of the Court, the boaster or pretender may be silenced. If In order to silence someone who makes false claims, it is essential to sue for a permanent injunction. One who denies the marriage must file a lawsuit for jactitation.

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