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We are a child adoption & guardianship lawyers group and legal service provider in addition to our other services.  Our agency helps Americans, British, and Canadians adopt Pakistani children. In addition to providing legal services online and offline, we also provide guardianship and adoption services. By providing the right direction, opportunities, and cost-effective solutions, we meet their needs. Child adoption and guardianship-related processes can be handled in Pak.Legal, an all-in-one lawyer’s office. Parents and guardians who are interested in adoption are targeted by the program. An experienced lawyer provides legal advice on the adoption process to prospective families through this platform.

If a law firm accepts a case, it will receive it lightning fast. All court appearances and paperwork would be handled by our lawyer.


Our services start with Initial Guardianship Coordinators to Expedite Second Parent Adoptions

Providing services from initial guardianship coordinators ensures that second-parent adoptions happen more quickly, matching waiting children with permanent homes sooner. We simplify and speed up the legal document signing process. Children in the orphanage need better families. With our service, we are able to help many children who do not have families or whose families cannot care for them.

Adoption Provides a Child with Security and Love

Adopting a Child Makes you the Legal Guardian and Responsible for him/her


A child adopts a family when his or her birth family is unavailable or incapable of raising him or her. Adoption provides security, permanence, and love for a child. You are legally responsible for all parental liabilities if you adopt a child. A commitment requires you to stick with it through good and bad times. Providing a child with love, stability, and a nurturing environment is an important part of their physical and mental development. After adoption, the rights and responsibilities of the original parents are transferred to the adoptive parents. Adoption makes the child a permanent member of the family. A child adopted by a parent has all the same rights and responsibilities as a biological child, and the adopted child has all the same psychological, social, and legal advantages as a biological child.

guardianship Law

Law on Child Adoption in Pakistan

Pakistan does not have an adoption law. In Pakistan, Guardianship is Permitted


The Adoption of Children in Pakistan is not governed by any law. Whenever you decide to adopt from a family or an orphanage, you should consult a lawyer. You will be represented by the Lawyer in your application to the Family Court. Typically, it takes between six and eight weeks for the adoption process to be completed, with four or more hearing dates. Our company, Pakistan Legal Forum (Pvt) Limited, is able to arrange other documentation for the child to be able to move abroad for most of our clients who want to adopt a child from Pakistan. We assist them with obtaining necessary court orders and other documents.

Adopting a child in Pakistan involves some rules that should be kept in mind. The following rules apply:

  • Adopted children are not entitled to the inheritance of their parents.
  • Islam considers adoption a good thing, but the parents can’t change their names, while the guardians can.
  • Christian and other religious minors cannot be adopted by non-Muslim parents. 
  • The adoption & guardianship deed must be executed.
  • Maintaining a child after the adoption is the responsibility of the adoptive parents, who then have the right to maintain the child.
  • It is necessary to obtain the Guardianship court’s approval before minors travel abroad.

Procedures for Adoption of Children:

The adoptive parents must submit a written report along with the medical report, Form ICA, stating the following:

  • The child’s name
  • Date of birth of the child
  • The place of birth
  • Through the Family Court, you can adopt.
  • Parent’s names and addresses
  • Couples must have been married for at least three years in order to qualify. (A copy of the marriage certificate is required). 
  • For prospective adoptive parents, a minimum age of 25 is required.
  • The cost of raising a child must be affordable for the parents.
  • At least one parent must be of Pakistani origin or be eligible to obtain a Pakistani NICOP or CNIC.

Adoption of a Child can take place in two ways:

  • Children Directly from their Parents or Orphanages 

A child can be adopted directly from parents through a child adoption deed and its declaration by a civil court. A Guardian Certificate and Travel Permit may be obtained from the Guardian Court once you have received a declaration decree in your favour. 

  • Sindh Child Protection Authority OR Child Protection and Welfare Bureau

In Punjab Province, a Guardian Court or the Department of Child Protection and Welfare can arrange the adoption. Adoption procedures in Pakistan do not allow infants to be placed in centres that are not recognized. The procedures must be handled at recognised centres or those operated by child protection centres. Your next step should be to convince him that you are a couple with the qualifications to adopt a child in Pakistan.

A complete profile including the gender and age of the baby you are interested in adopting, as well as any other requirements for adopting a baby in Pakistan, must be submitted before the court. A Pakistani lawyer must prepare a complete file for the application. 

Moreover, the adopter must provide personal information such as his or her occupation, age, religion, income, etc. Unapproved adoption centres are not allowed in Pakistan. Edhi, SOS Village, and other approved centres in Pakistan are the only places where this is possible. In Pakistan, you can adopt a child from a few government-approved agencies if you meet the requirements. Upon completion of your adoption case, your lawyer will issue a certificate of adoption as evidence of your adoption.

guardianship Law

The Guardians and Wards Act of 1890 provides:

Guardians and Wards Act, of 1890, established guardianship and custody laws in Asian countries. 

Guardian courts consider the minor’s welfare first when granting custody to parents or grandparents. The law grants custody to youngsters. Three parties are typically involved in a guardianship or custody proceeding in an exceptional family court: 

  • Parental protection.
  • Nonprotective parents.
  • Minority. 


Guardians and Wards Act, 1890, Sections 17 and 25 address parental rights regarding custody. Therefore, “Hizanat” and “Willayat” are two of these rights. A mother’s custody of a minor is called “Hizanat”, while a father’s custody is called “Willayat”.

In Asian countries, the Guardians and Wards Act, of 1890, is generally credited with establishing guardianship and custody law. 

Guardians and Wards Act, 1890, Sections 17 and 25 address parental rights regarding custody. Thus, “Hizanat” and “Willayat” are two of these rights. A mother’s custody of a minor is called “Hizanat”, whereas a father’s custody is called “Willayat.”

Child Custody & Adoption Services are available through Pakistan Legal Forum:

Are you looking for an attorney to assist you with your child’s adoption or guardianship matter?  Let Pakistan Legal Forum (Pvt) Limited assist you!

We are a law group and legal service provider specializing in child adoption & guardianship. Online legal services are available to people interested in adoptions and guardianships. This is a one-stop lawyer’s office for child adoptions and guardianships. We have provided legal services to our clients for over three decades with the help of our experienced attorneys and top-notch customer service. Thousands of people have turned to us for help with divorce, child custody, adoption, child maintenance, and guardianship issues.

Providing our clients with the best legal advice and representation is a priority for our lawyers. We have experience handling all types of cases, including:

Family law issues, divorce, child custody, guardianship, return of dowry article, recovery of dower money, succession certificates, and the division of family property, property disputes over lands, houses or apartments; shops or offices; illegal possession, etc.

Pakistan Legal Forum has been providing legal assistance in Child Custody and Adoption since 1985 and can assist with other legal matters as well. Our firm offers professional legal guidance to clients regarding all family matters, including divorce/khula, financial law, criminal proceedings, and civil litigation. If you have any legal questions, feel free to leave a comment or send an email to Call 0331-6644789 to reach us.

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