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Islam allows Love Marriages

Islam always allows love marriages. The Islamic religion allows men and women to marry the people they love. Both men and women have equal rights in Islam. The Islamic religion also allows you to consent to your marriage, and parents cannot force their marriage decisions on their children.

The choice of a spouse is up to the man or woman. No matter what your gender is, if you want to marry someone you love, the first and foremost thing you should do is tell your parents. It is important that you convince your parents of your decision and enter into marriage in accordance with family traditions and customs.


Often, girls are not given the right to marry. Even though people have become more educated and daughters can now express their opinions in their families, it is considered inappropriate for a girl to speak about her own marriage. It is not uncommon for some families to arrange their daughters’ marriages with people they don’t even know. Consequently, she is forced to endure some miserable conditions.

Many Muslims do not accept love marriages, and this blog can help you understand your rights if you are one of them. Is it possible for a Muslim girl to marry a man she loves? 


This article also answers the question:

  • Does Islam allow girls to express their opinions on the most important decisions of their lives?
  • Does Islam really condemn the choice of a life partner for girls?
  • What is the Islamic view on love marriage?
  • Does the Quran permit forced marriage?
  • Is love marriage allowed in Islam?
  • I cannot get my parents’ approval for my marriage. Is it still possible to marry someone?
  • Muslim parents opposing love marriage: Why?
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Love Marriage and Girl's Opinion in Islam

Islamic teachings allow girls to express their opinions regarding their marriages. A parent who enforces their decision on their daughter is prohibited by Islam. The girl in Islam has the right to express her opinion regarding the most important decision she will make in her life.

Can Girls Choose their life Partners in Islam?

Choosing a life partner is not prohibited by Islam for girls. In Islam, both males and females are allowed to choose their life partners. Islam grants you the right to make your own informed marriage decisions, and parents are prohibited from forcing their decisions on their children. A common example is when a Muslim parent forces their daughter to marry against her will. Love marriages in Islam require some tiny details so that we can make an informed decision.

Does Islam allow Court Marriages or Love Marriages?

Most people do not accept women’s right to consent to marriage. Some parents in many countries tell their daughters that their marriage is fixed, which goes against Islam’s teachings and women’s fundamental rights.


A common question we receive from females is whether they have the right to specify their marriage preference. A girl is entitled to consent to her marriage according to Islam. Parents should never force their children to marry someone they do not want to marry. We can look up to the life of the Holy Prophet to understand whether parents should ask their daughters for consent before marriage.

When Ali (R.A.) expressed an interest in marriage with Fatima to Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Muhammad replied: “In Sha Allah! (If Allah wishes). Fatima was informed of the marriage proposal for her by Prophet Muhammad, and she consented to it. The Holy Prophet accepted the marriage proposal only after she accepted Ali’s proposal. Having your daughter’s opinion about her marriage is important, as this shows the importance of asking her.

It is prohibited in Islam to force girls into marriage based on authentic Hadiths of the Holy Prophet. According to the Hadith, a virgin, divorcee, widow, or woman who has been widowed must be given permission before she can marry. The Hadith appears in Sahih Muslim, 1419, and Sahih al-Bukhari 6966:968, which also states that no woman can marry without prior permission. It shows that Islam stresses the importance of a girl’s consent in marriage, which is why marriages can only be conducted with her consent.

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Does the Quran Permit Forced Marriages?

Forced marriage is not permitted in Islam, both from historical examples and Islamic teaching. Furthermore, the Holy Quran forbids women from being forced into marriage. It is prohibited in this verse of the Holy Quran to use force.

Inheriting women compelled to inherit is not permitted, O believers.

Quran 4:19

Why does Islam allow Love Marriages?

Although you might try your best, your parents may not let you marry the person you want, despite your best efforts. You might not be able to convince your parents to let you marry the person of your choice, no matter how hard you try.


You might not be able to convince your parents to let you marry the person of your choice, no matter how hard you try. It is possible that you will not be able to convince your parents to let you marry the person of your choice.

You can convey to your parents that, even though going against your parents’ will is unlikable in Islam, if they still refuse, and you have no choice but to go against their choice, you are not committing a “Gunah/Sin” according to Islam’s teachings.

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Love Marriage is not a good thing for some Muslim parents?

There are some conservative Muslim parents who oppose love marriage, while Islam grants women the right to marry whomever they choose without discrimination, yet some parents prevent their daughters from exercising this right.


There are several possible reasons for this:

  • Differences in culture and caste
  • A lack of knowledge about Islam.

     Love marriage is also discouraged due to cultural or caste differences. It is not common for people to marry their daughters from another caste. In this way, following their culture, they altered their mindset in such a way that they view love marriage as immodest, especially outside of the family.

There are cases in which parents are not well-educated about Islam and do not know what the religion says regarding women’s rights. The most effective solution to this problem would be to learn the Holy Quran. Your parents will also understand your rights, as a girl, when you explain them in terms of Islamic teachings.

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