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Marriage in Islam

The Concept of Marriage has Existed since the Dawn of Time

Since the beginning of time, marriage has served as a social institution. In legal terms, a matrimonial union is a relationship recognized by law or custom, and it entails rights and obligations for the parents and their children. Consequently, marriage has two main functions for human society, namely regulating sex relations within society.

Every Culture Celebrates Marriage Differently

Regardless of where one marries, marriage rituals and ceremonies are all common, regardless of culture and age. Generally, the right to engage in sexual activity is referred to as the right to participate in sexual activity when permitted and recognized by society, as well as the responsibility of parents to raise their children properly.

Islamic society recognizes and embraces this institution as the core of human society after it has been cleansed of all the evils that have contaminated it through the centuries.

Marriage Law

The Islamic Culture Perceives Marriage as a Responsibility

Marriage is viewed as not simply a sexual relationship, but instead as a social contract with obligations within the Islamic culture. 

Throughout the Divine Faith, women are not objects to be manipulated by men, but rather highly spiritual, moral beings entrusted to them under obligations entrusted to them. It is the wife’s responsibility to work closely with the husband so that the family is benefitted as a whole, rather than only providing sensual pleasure to him.

Marriage in the Quran

In the Holy Qur’an, different purposes of marriage are mentioned so many times: “And of His signs is that He has created wives for you from yourselves that you might find quiet of wind in them, and He has put love and affection between you” (Noble Quran 30:21). As this verse implies, the female is not inferior to the male because the former is made of a superior substance, while the latter is made of a base substance.

In Islam, Marriage is Considered a Union of Souls

A man and a woman are both descendants of Adam, therefore possessing the same soul. According to the Holy Qur’an, marriage is a union of two souls that are one in essence. Marriage brings them closer to one another emotionally, physically, and mentally and changes their separate existence into a natural state.

Marriage in Islam Combines Spirituality and Morality

Man and woman are destined to share the grace of life, and they cannot fully enjoy it unless they have a very close and intimate relationship. The word comfort implies so much more than sexual satisfaction. “He created you from a single soul, and He made his spouse from the same so that he would find comfort in her” (Noble Quran 7:189). 

In Islam, the whole idea of marriage is imbued with spiritual and moral values, which elevates the status of marriage both individually and socially.

Marriage Law

In Islam, Marriage is Encouraged

Islam has purified the union of the sexes and protected the joy of marriage by prohibiting extramarital relationships. As the most effective method of living a virtuous life free from immorality and inhibition, Islam and the Holy Qur’an encourage followers to marry. The Holy Qur’an says, “They (your wives) are like garments for you, and you are like garments for them” ( Noble Quran 2:187). The love between a husband and wife is beautifully described here. This is the most accurate description of them both. In the same way, as garments fit into each other, husbands and wives are there for mutual support, comfort, and protection.

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